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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you be contacting other therapists or doctors I see?

Only if it is o.k. with you. Of course you may ask me not to do so but it will make therapy much more likely to succeed. Rather than waste time going over your past history and treatment with you I can get up to speed by reviewing your history before you come for the first session. Most of my patients have had previous treatment with varying levels of success. 

2. What age patients do you see?

The age range is children through adulthood.

3. What kinds of issues do you work with?

Trauma causes all sorts of issues. Each person reacts differently. Some people feel a constant tension all day every day. It’s like your whole body is on hyper drive. Others get depressed. Many startle easily.
Nightmares are common as are sleep difficulties. Interpersonal relationships suffer. There is nothing you are feeling that I have not heard about. I’ve been doing this work for 38 years so I’ve been “around the block”. Truth is, the more experience I get the more there is to learn.

4. Once I start, do I have to keep coming?

You may terminate therapy at any time however I may advise you to continue until we are at a good termination point.

5. Is it possible to just come and see what this is before I make up my mind?

Yes we can arrange for a half hour introductory session that is limited to viewing and discussing the therapy but you will not be connected to the biofeedback equipment if that is something you might want to use. The half hour will have to be scheduled around existing patient times since patients have priority regarding scheduling. The reason you are not connected to the equipment is because some patients change after only one session and I do not want to make any changes during a demonstration.

6. I have seen a lot of different “biofeedback, mind therapy, mind control” stuff on the internet. How is this different? Is this like brainwashing?

In the past year the internet has exploded with web sites claiming to treat a variety of illness.   Most of them skirt the law by not claiming to “cure.” The devices range from helmets that fit over the head to sensors on the skin that can supposedly read what chemicals/minerals/body compounds one is lacking. The biofeedback programs I use have been published in peer reviewed journals. “Peer review” means other professionals in the field have reviewed the work and found it worthy of publication. This is how the field of medicine grows. By the way I do not do “implosive therapy”. The theory is that if you expose someone to the intense trauma and keep it up for long periods of time, it will lessen on its own. For example, a person would imagine some traumatic event and keep imagining it for several minutes. I do not use that technique.

7. How will I know if it is helping me?

It usually takes a few sessions to get up to speed with treatment. We first have to identify the goals you have for treatment. Once they are established, things move along quickly. If we use biofeedback, you will be able to see some data on the progress made.

8. What cautions are in place due to Covid-19?

Due to Covid-19 all sessions are by telehealth, over the internet.  You can use your computer, or ipad or phone.