What happens during a session?

Treatment for rehabilitation of stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy So, what exactly happens during a session? During the first session, electrodes that resemble band-aids are placed on the skin directly above the targeted muscles. Let’s say you have lost right arm movement after a stroke.  One muscle that may be targeted in the biceps.  […]

How does brain recovery take place?

Motor Control Restoration, L.L.C. Restoring movement after illness, injury, medical condition Brain “plasticity” I am often asked how it is possible for brain recovery to take place to re-learn a motor skill after having had an extensive loss of brain tissue as a result of a traumatic brain injury or stroke.   We know, for example, […]

Aging and the Effect On Muscle Use

Mary has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Now almost 53 years old, it takes about a half-hour for her to stand without muscle pain in her legs. She sits up in bed and does some stretches, and gradually her muscles settle down so she can stand without fear of falling. […]