Some things about Covid 19 you may not have heard about.

Information about Covid19 is everywhere. I won’t repeat the usual stuff like social distancing. Here are some points you may not have heard about:

1. You can’t “improve” your body’s defense against disease. You can maximize it. Taking vitamin D has been proven to help boost your immune system.

2. What is the body’s first defense? Your nose! Or more accurately your mucus. The mucus lining of the nose helps trap infections before they can travel to your body. If they get dry they are less able to catch bacteria and viruses. You can buy nose drops at the drug store if you are in situations that tend to dry out your nose like forced air heating and airplanes.

3. The safest place against this virus is outdoors. There’s air movement and depending on the day sunlight. Viruses don’t like sunlight. Whatever you can do to get more air movement indoors helps like an open window.

4. If you have forced air heating change the filter more often. We are still learning about how this virus spreads and it appears it can travel further than we first thought.

5. None of the above is going to help if you get overtired. You can’t neglect getting a full night of rest.

6. If you work in a building look into having plant operations turn off the recirculate vent on the heating/AC. The setting is typically set to recirculate the air to save money. You want it set to bring fresh air in.

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