Stroke and Accident Recovery and Therapy

This video demonstrates how surface electromyography works. The round plastic tabs are sensors that pick up the muscle activity. The rushing sound you hear are the actual motor neurons firing. As I grip harder and use my hand muscles more, the rushing sound gets louder and more intense.

Motor Control Restoration’s stroke and auto accident recovery therapy is a treatment for regaining lost ability to stand, walk, or sit, as well as use of arms/legs.  This is typically due to an injury or medical condition such as stroke, head injury or cerebral palsy. Some important points about this therapy are:

  • It includes a neuropsychological assessment, if needed, to help recovery from head injuries.
  • It addresses pain management for those with chronic muscle pain.
  • It helps you re-learn to use your muscles.
  • Results are seen in as little as three sessions.
  • Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long, one or two times a week.
  • There are no drugs, shots or other invasive medical procedures.
  • Electrodes—like Band-aids—are placed on the skin over the muscle.
  • Muscle activity is displayed on a computer monitor for you to see.
  • This is not “biofeedback.” It is a newly developed muscle re-education system based on 26 years experience at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.