Stroke and Accident Recovery and Therapy

This video demonstrates how surface electromyography works. The round plastic tabs are sensors that pick up the muscle activity. The rushing sound you hear are the actual motor neurons firing. As I grip harder and use my hand muscles more, the rushing sound gets louder and more intense.

The loss of the ability to stand, sit correctly, walk, and use one’s arms and hands is often lost due to a brain injury from an accident or stroke. This is a program I created during my 26 years as director of the Motor Control Program at the Cleveland Clinic. If you want you can come in and see what it does. There’s no cost to do so. With covid 19 around, I will be wearing a face shield for your and my protection. I have a face shield you can borrow while in the office.

This is a biofeelback program to help those who have lost movement due to stroke or an accident regain the ability to stand, walk, or sit, as well as use their arms and legs.

  • It is painless. Sensors like bandaids are placed on the skin.
  • The sensors pick up muscle activity and display it on a monitor for you to see.
  • It helps you re-learn the use of your muscles.
  • Results are seen in as little as three sessions.
  • Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long, once a week.
  • There are no drugs, shots or other painful medical procedures.
  • Electrodes—like Band-aids—are placed on the skin over the muscle.
  • The video shows the activity of my hand muscles.