Therapist Testimonials

“Motor control has helped me to measure muscle activation (or lack of) that I am unable to see with my eyes or feel with my hands. This greatly helps me develop a more effective treatment plan. From a therapist’s perspective this is amazing! But the most remarkable thing is that by reinforcing the correct muscle use the children learn to control their own bodies and have fun while doing it!”

Danielle Petrozelle, MS, OTR/LCleveland Clinic

“The Motor Control Program with SEMG has helped so many of my patients! Through the program we addressed areas such as postural stability, sitting balance, upper extremity movement and coordination, and fine motor skills. It was amazing to see the improvement and enhanced confidence many of my patients experienced while involved in this type of biofeedback program. Most patients demonstrated great results and good carry-over to complete everyday functional tasks.”

Julie Jowett, OTD, OTR/LCleveland Clinic

“The motor control program has been irreplaceable for so many of the kids i have seen. It helps a child access muscles they have never used of lost use of and teaches them appropriate timing of muscle use in a functional setting like standing or walking. And it is FUN for them because there is such an immediate reward! There is almost no limit to what Dr. Bolek is willing to try to help a child meet his/her therapy goals, and he is great at brainstorming through even the most challenging patients.”

Shannon Wemple, PT, DPTCleveland Clinic

“Motor Control Restoration is an extremely useful tool in rehabilitation. Together with Dr. Bolek’s expertise, the therapist is able to target specific muscle groups to restore function, strength and range of motion. It has also been an excellent pain-free treatment technique to help teach our patients how to “find” or use their muscles for the very first time.”

Merri Jo Somodi, PT, DPTCleveland Clinic

“The Motor Control Program has been a very beneficial program for many of the children I treat. It has helped several of my kids with one of a kind cases relearn head control, body awareness and appropriate muscle activation. The best part of the program is that kids are highly motivated to participate, since it will allow them to activate music, toys or videos! To actually be able to observe what muscles kids are choosing to use to complete a task and alter their movement patterns to benefit them is truly amazing.”

Jennifer McFeely, PT, DPTCleveland Clinic

“The Motor Control Program has been a primary modality of my therapeutic interventions the last seven years of my pediatric physical therapy practice. SEMG has opened up a whole new world of motor development for many of my patients. As a pediatric practitioner, you see many patients who have become motorically “stuck”. This innovative program has taught my patients to functionally play with their hands/toys, volitionally stand without external support as well as motor plan their way out of a sticky situation!”

Sarah Fultz, PT, DPTCleveland Clinic