Trauma Recovery

Due to Covid-19 all sessions are by telehealth, over the internet.  You can use your computer, or ipad or phone.

A trauma can come from many sources. Some are temporary, like recovery from a tornado and some seem to last forever, like physical or sexual abuse. The problem is the trauma recovery is living in a part of the brain not easily accessible. Have you noticed that you can talk about the trauma to a family member or trusted friend but talking about it doesn’t make it go away. There are therapies that can help heal trauma, both in-person and over the internet (teletherapy).   Biofeedback is one tool as well as movement therapies. I will work with you to find the therapy that is most effective for you and one you feel comfortable doing. If the trauma involved a physical injury such as head injury or stroke, I specialize in motor control restoration. You can read about it on other areas of this site.


We are now living in a changed world due to covid19. I can provide teletherapy so you can get therapy from the comfort of your home.
It’s not as complicated as you may think. You are sent a link, you click on it and you begin your session. The only thing I ask is for your peace of mind you find and use a section of your living space that is as private as possible. It is true that if we were to use biofeedback in a traditional session I would be using sensors, for example, on your forehead to practice relaxation. With teletherapy we can use phone apps in creative ways. The most important thing is what are the risks of coming in person to a session and do the risks outweigh the advantages.

Pain Management

I don’t need to tell you that chronic pain hurts, a lot. It dictates many aspects of your life and after a while you are no longer a person living with pain, the pain dictates all aspects of your life. It doesn’t need to be that way. There are non medication approaches that are proven to help. Pain management is a major goal of many patients that come for trauma recovery.

Disability Evaluations

I specialize in all aspects of rehabilitation including treatment, pain management, motor control restoration, neuropsychological assessment for those with head injuries and disability evaluations. Disability evaluations can come from many sources including an individual request, return to work evaluations, formal Bureau of Worker’s compensation/Industrial Commission requests and attorney requests including case reviews. Since rehabilitation is not just a sideline activity, I have the training and experience to perform the evaluation thoroughly and efficiently.

Sport Psychology

A sport psychologist is trained to use specific techniques in order to help the athlete become successful at their sport. Some of the methods used are self-talk, biofeedback, imagery, relaxation training, motivation and goal setting. For many the desire to win becomes so overwhelming that it begins to interfere with performance. I know what you are experiencing. Go to Towerrunning USA and look up my name. I am ranked number 16 of 750 in my age group. Towerrunners compete in stair races up tall buildings like the One World Trade Center which I have done two times. Covid19 has cancelled this year’s races. I know the anxiety you feel before and during a competition. This knowledge really helps me to help you.